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Insider Threat Asset Protection

EnProVera has developed a multi-faceted solution, Asset Protection, to counter the "Insider Threat." Asset Protection is an organization’s continuous monitoring, detection, and prevention of the loss of intellectual property, proprietary information, and trade secrets. Asset Protection focuses on insider threat attacks from within the organization for personal gain or to benefit another company or country. EnProVera helps you combat and prevent what could be a catastrophic loss mounting to hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars through the establishment of an Asset Protection Enterprise Program Management Office (APEPMO).


EnProVera’s APEPMO solution is implemented with experienced former Law Enforcement and Military Intelligence insider threat subject matter experts and with EnProVera’s Program Management, Coaching and Mentoring, and Continuous Performance Improvement skills and experience.

The Asset Protection Enterprise Program Management Office focuses and coordinates on:

  • Developing and Documenting a Clear Understanding of the Mission

  • Establishing an Executive Governance Board

  • Organizing with a Focus on Meeting the Asset Protection Mission

  • Deploying Operations that Protect the Mission from Internal and External Threats

  • Leveraging Technology to Enable the Asset Protection Mission

  • Establishing a Disciplined Standards-Based Foundation

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