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Program Management

Program and Project Management


EnProVera’s project management experts know and understand the secret to getting things done. It’s much more than a matter of having solutions to problems and tools to help. Implementing industry standard project management processes and techniques combined with the talent and knowhow of certified project managers will increase the success in getting things done. Our project management expertise is capable of supporting your needs starting with the strategic levels of assessment and design through the processes of running projects and rescuing troubled projects. We provide scalable solutions supporting the program management office (PMO), the project office (PO) and bring project management tools to enhance solutions and speed success.


Strategic Alignment and Continuous Process Improvement

We help organizations improve performance and build a sustainable competitive advantage by planning, managing and completing projects, on time and on budget, linked to strategic goals while offering process and performance improvement.


Coaching, Mentoring, and Training


We ensure teaching and coaching in industry best practices throughout our processes. A customizable series of training programs along with appropriate coaching and mentoring ensures our processes, methodologies and knowledge are transferred to organizations to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Our training utilizes internationally recognized best practices based upon real-world project experience and utilizes instructor-led courses, as well as on-site coaches and mentors, to provide a customized solution meeting clients' needs.


Presentation on EnProVera's Successful Program Management Approach

Please click on the below link to the presentation on EnProVera's very successful program management approach.  It is important to note everyone "claims" to do program management, but few really ever accomplish it.  The presentation contains audio clips you can click on to hear about the contents of some of the slides in the presentation.


Big Picture Program Management Methodology:  Dick Sherwood

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