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Subject Matter Expertise

EnProVera provides Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and the Intelligence Community access to a large number of accomplished professionals who headed agencies, commands, organizations, divisions, teams, or task forces and are responsible for a number of the innovations in the disciplines and in the functional and technical foundations that provide bedrock to today's ongoing missions.  The transnational, global ideaology, political, economic, technical, and human challenges coupled with domestic issues provide a backdrop where the collective wisdom, intellectual capital, and skills of these professionals are critical; moreso than ever in our nation's history.


EnProVera can quickly form teams of seasoned experts for any problem within the subject communities to support the nation's security objectives or to respond to a Request for Proposal:  from human intelligence to street operations, from immigration support to border security, from insider threat to offensive and defensive cybersecurity operations, from diplomatic to contingency operations intelligence support, and from business process to enterprise technical management and support .  If you need quick reaction and successful results, you'll find it here.

Subject Matter Expertise Areas

Regulation and Compliance Monitoring 

Executive Level Coaching and Training - Strategic Planning and Program Management

Program Management

Fraud Examinations

Insider Threat Monitoring/Compliance

Information Security Design and Management 

Physical Security Design/Technical Support

Crisis Management Training

Leadership Training

Technical and Operational Support for Border, Airport, and Perimemter Security

Strategic Business Development for the Law Enforcement and Intelligence Community

Analysis for the Law Enforcement and the Intelligence Community

Program/Project Management Training

Project Management

Strategic Planning

Technical Forensics

Document Fraud Examiners

Forensics Programs, Strategies, and Training

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