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Building Your Future With You

Welcome to EnProVera - an innovative culture bringing you exceptional solutions and services.  EnProVera has seasoned Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence professionals with diverse backgrounds providing subject matter expertise, mission and technology support, insider threat asset protection, transformation, program and technology management, and administrative and professional services to Homeland Security, the Law Enforcement Community, the Intelligence Community, and the DoD.  Our years of extensive, applied experience, skills, and knowledge combined with common sense provide you a proven partner who will help with the accomplishment and success of your mission.

Our name, derived from the combination of three words, Engender, Prodigious, and Veracious, exemplifies the value EnProVera strives to bring to every customer, teammate, and associate: "Produces and provides exceptional and credible solutions and services."  At EnProVera, we want you the customer, you the teammate, and you the associate to have the same experience and end result we desire to have in this business.

Open Positions

EnProVera Providing Professional Services to a Department of Justice Agency's Office of General Counsel

EnProVera Providing Defense Health Agency Professional Services

EnProVera Providing Professional Services to DoJ Agency

EnProVera Providing IT Support Services to USAF Agency

EnProVera Providing COMSEC Management to DoJ Agency

EnProVera Providing Professional Services to US Attorney's Office

Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Enterprises forms Native American Tribal 8(a) Joint Venture with EnProVera Corporation

EnProAIM Awarded GSA MAS 541611, 541219, and 54151S

EnProAIM Awarded FAA eFast BPA

EnProAIM Supporting DHS HQ with IT Infrastructure Support Services

EnProAIM Awarded 8(a) STARS III GWAC












EnProVera Awarded GSA MAS Business Administrative Services

EnProVera Supporting IRS with Professional Services

EnProVera Supporting Defense Intelligence Community with Information Assurance

EnProVera and E-AIM form EnProAIM LLC an SBA Approved 8a Joint Venture

EnProVera Providing Professional and Administrative Support to the Department of Justice

EnProVera Providing Air Force with Language Translation, Instruction, and Interpretation Services

EnProVera Providing IT Support to AF ISR

EnProVera Providing DHS Mission Support for Immigration and Naturalization

EnProVera and Chenega Applied Solutions Form EnProVera-Chenega Solutions SBA Joint Venture

EnProVera Providing Intelligence Analysis Support to the Department of Justice

EnProVera Providing Support to USAF ISR

EnProVera Providing IT Operations and Administration Support to the Defense Intelligence Community

EnProVera Providing Cyber Forensics Training to Homeland Security

EnProVera Providing Support for Border Security Systems Engineering and Testing to Homeland Security

Office Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. | Service Area: Nationwide
Office Location: 410 Ware Blvd, Suite 404, Tampa, FL 33619

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